December photo challenge week 3

{Hey} there,
Isn't it crazy that there is only 2 MORE WEEKS until the new year, and 3 DAYS until CHRISTMAS!!!! I am one excited girl over here :). Ok this weeks challenge, it seems like yesterday I was sitting here posting last week! Our vacation here in Alabama has been a total blast but it has gone crazily fast :), but I'm not to sad because we haven't had Christmas yet, so I still have that to look for :).  OK enough rambling and on to the pictures

December 16th- Outside Christmas lights
Well these aren't "Christmas lights" per-say but they are lights and it is outside so I figured it'd work right? :)

December 17th- Presents
My present under the tree

December 18th- Stockings

December 19th- Selfie :)

Well I figured I'd do a weird one, because its kinda more of my true character :). Photo credits go to Alaina
p.s notice my hair is actually curled [happy day!]

December 20th- Candy Canes
Candy cane sticks

December 21st- Peace
We went to the lake one of the days, and it is so peaceful and lovely down there :).

December 22nd- Light
The moon.....one of the best lights there is :) .

Ok well that just about wraps it up for this week!
I hope you all have an amazing week, and Merry Christmas!!

Love always,


  1. Wow, the one of the moon is AWESOME!!! You did a great job dearie♥

  2. It looks like you've been having lots of fun! You looks so pretty;).--your sorta twin:)


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