December photo challenge week 2

Hey ya'all, 
Guess what? I'm posting on Sunday!! :). We have Wifi here in Alabama so I am able to get on the laptop [happy day].....The past week has been quite busy, and very fun :). Anywho here is the weeks pictures, enjoy :)! 

December 9th - something your reading

Jane Eyre......I have been working on this book since July or August :), and yes I'm STILL slowly but surely getting through it. I'm hoping to finish it while we are on vacation though!

December 10th - Wrapped present
We had our church's keepers at home Christmas gift and cookie exchange tonight and this is my gift from my "secret" person :).

December 11th- Green

We got some snow today, that's not green but the bush under it was so I figured it was ok :)

December 12th- A beautiful sight
Either clean clothes, or stripes, or that this means I was packing my suitcase....all beautiful sights :) [p.s. can you tell I love stripes? ;)]

December 13th- Family
Ok I obviously didn't take this picture today, but I love this one so much I figured it'd be fine :)

December 14th- Christmas tree
Ok, so I've been trying to get bokeh on my camera for a loooong time and I never could get it to work until today, let's just say I was [quite] happy ;).

December 15th- My favorite Christmas song

Either "Thankful" or "Believe" by Josh Groban

OK well that is it for this week, I hope you all our having a wonderful December....And stay tuned for next week :).
Love always,



  1. Ohh, I need your stripes ;) One of my favorites too...'believe' song!!

  2. Hey, I love the pictures as always and I miss you ssooo much:-)!
    ~Your (sorta) twin:-)


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