Gingerbread houses

Hey hey!
Here is the post I promised :).
 Every year without fail we go to my grandmas and build gingerbread houses, (I guess technically they are graham cracker houses but  we call them gingerbread houses anyway :) ) It doesn't seem like Christmas if we don't do these, its always such a long tiring process but alot of fun is had and, alot of memories :). Ok well on to the pictures

 Cutting boards and planning their houses

 Faith was my little helper for my house, I think she ate more candy then she actually put on the house :)

She loves to make faces :).

 I was put in charge of making the frosting :)

 Alot of candy :)

From this

To this :). I cheated and used a kit but I did decorate it :)

Isaiah and Emily's castle creation....isn't it amazing?

That is all the pictures for now, look forward to tomorrows weekly photo challenge re-cap.

Thank you for looking at and reading my blog, I appreciate it :).
Merry Christmas ya'all!
Love always,


  1. You are too creative deary! They look lovely...and im sure they taste good too:)--your sorta twin:)

  2. aw you think my creation is amazing #yourthebest #wellyourthebestmary #becauseicantsayyourthebestwithoutbeingwaymean #okillshutupnow luv ya,
    -tweedle #becusesayingmynamewouldbesonotcool #hashtagoverboard


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