December Photo challenge final week

Hello friends! 
Happpppy New Year!!  I know I can't even believe myself, I didn't post last week, but hey better late than never right? So here is the last week of December, [ok side note, isn't it the craziest thing ever that it is 2014? It seems like 2013 was a total blur...an epic blur but a blur nonetheless :) ]. Anywho, now to the pictures...Enjoy!

December 23rd- Travel
Perfect day for this challenge, because we headed home from Alabama today [amazing trip]. The mountains are an amazing sight and I would love to live some place where I'd see them everyday :)

December 24th- Favorite part of Christmas Eve

All of these happy little presents, waiting to be opened

December 25th-Morning
Christmas Morning with 15 people is always so happy and exciting, this was a little bit before all the ciaos started :) 

December 26th- Grateful
My little siblings, they bring so much joy to my life and pretty much make my world go round!

December 27th-Night time

Watched Thor 1...this evening [can you say yay!?] 

December 28th- Words
God's word....the very best words and the only words you really need! 

December 29th- Sky view

I took my little siblings to the park, and the sunset was like {perfect}. It pretty much made my day :)

December 30th- Your winter wonderland

Well I didn't take this today, I took it yesterday...But I sorta forgot so I figured it'd work because it looked the same both days :)

December 31st [LAST DAY OF 2013, whoop whoop]-Fun

New Years Eve was SO much fun! Me and 3 of my friends... It's my dad and sisters birthday, so we had a crazy mismatched weird hair party, and It was a blast! [disclaimer: they usually don't look like this] :).

Ok well that is it for the December Photo Challenge, I hope you all enjoyed a little peek at my December, it was a very epic, amazing, fun, tiring, lovely month. And it went by in a flash!

I will hopefully be posting kind of a round up of my 2013 year [no promises but I will try].

May the Lord bless you all in this New Year! 
Love Always,

p.s. I would love it if you left me a comment :)!

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  1. Hello hello! Ohh thor...that's one movie I want to see:). Haha looks like you brought in the new year with a bang! I love the crazy costumes!!
    ~Your BFL :)


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