December photo challenge week 3

{Hey} there,
Isn't it crazy that there is only 2 MORE WEEKS until the new year, and 3 DAYS until CHRISTMAS!!!! I am one excited girl over here :). Ok this weeks challenge, it seems like yesterday I was sitting here posting last week! Our vacation here in Alabama has been a total blast but it has gone crazily fast :), but I'm not to sad because we haven't had Christmas yet, so I still have that to look for :).  OK enough rambling and on to the pictures

December 16th- Outside Christmas lights
Well these aren't "Christmas lights" per-say but they are lights and it is outside so I figured it'd work right? :)

December 17th- Presents
My present under the tree

December 18th- Stockings

December 19th- Selfie :)

Well I figured I'd do a weird one, because its kinda more of my true character :). Photo credits go to Alaina
p.s notice my hair is actually curled [happy day!]

December 20th- Candy Canes
Candy cane sticks

December 21st- Peace
We went to the lake one of the days, and it is so peaceful and lovely down there :).

December 22nd- Light
The moon.....one of the best lights there is :) .

Ok well that just about wraps it up for this week!
I hope you all have an amazing week, and Merry Christmas!!

Love always,


Gingerbread houses

Hey hey!
Here is the post I promised :).
 Every year without fail we go to my grandmas and build gingerbread houses, (I guess technically they are graham cracker houses but  we call them gingerbread houses anyway :) ) It doesn't seem like Christmas if we don't do these, its always such a long tiring process but alot of fun is had and, alot of memories :). Ok well on to the pictures

 Cutting boards and planning their houses

 Faith was my little helper for my house, I think she ate more candy then she actually put on the house :)

She loves to make faces :).

 I was put in charge of making the frosting :)

 Alot of candy :)

From this

To this :). I cheated and used a kit but I did decorate it :)

Isaiah and Emily's castle creation....isn't it amazing?

That is all the pictures for now, look forward to tomorrows weekly photo challenge re-cap.

Thank you for looking at and reading my blog, I appreciate it :).
Merry Christmas ya'all!
Love always,


December photo challenge week 2

Hey ya'all, 
Guess what? I'm posting on Sunday!! :). We have Wifi here in Alabama so I am able to get on the laptop [happy day].....The past week has been quite busy, and very fun :). Anywho here is the weeks pictures, enjoy :)! 

December 9th - something your reading

Jane Eyre......I have been working on this book since July or August :), and yes I'm STILL slowly but surely getting through it. I'm hoping to finish it while we are on vacation though!

December 10th - Wrapped present
We had our church's keepers at home Christmas gift and cookie exchange tonight and this is my gift from my "secret" person :).

December 11th- Green

We got some snow today, that's not green but the bush under it was so I figured it was ok :)

December 12th- A beautiful sight
Either clean clothes, or stripes, or that this means I was packing my suitcase....all beautiful sights :) [p.s. can you tell I love stripes? ;)]

December 13th- Family
Ok I obviously didn't take this picture today, but I love this one so much I figured it'd be fine :)

December 14th- Christmas tree
Ok, so I've been trying to get bokeh on my camera for a loooong time and I never could get it to work until today, let's just say I was [quite] happy ;).

December 15th- My favorite Christmas song

Either "Thankful" or "Believe" by Josh Groban

OK well that is it for this week, I hope you all our having a wonderful December....And stay tuned for next week :).
Love always,



December photo challenge week 1

Hey, hey! 
I am sorry for not posting these yesterday, I was having some technical difficulties with the computers :(.....they can be a pain or a joy some days :). Anyway I am sorry but here they are a day late :)

December 1st: Your view today

The view from my bedroom window, I wasn't feeling well and stayed in bed almost the whole day so this is what I looked at :)

December 2nd: Something Red

Of course a Starbucks holiday drink :), Caramel Brule Latte my favorite!

December 3rd: My favorite Christmas movie
[extremely hard decision so I picked 3 :)]
The Grinch that stole Christmas, sort of a tradition :), The Christmas Card a happy feel good movie :). And Frozen, not necessarily a "Christmas" movie but it has snow in it so I'm gonna count it because it is the best Disney princess movie yet :).

December 4th: Joyous 
I mean seriously who doesn't think chocolate chip cookie dough is joyous? :)

December 5th: Today's weather

I didn't get a picture of the actual "temperature" but the high that day was 31 so pretty cold but not the coldest its been lately :)

December 6th: Shopping
I didn't get a picture of us "shopping" but I did go to Kohls today so I guess this will have to do :)

December 7th: Bright

We made gingerbread houses at my Grandmas (longer post coming on that), so of course there was alot of bright candy :)

Day 8: Ornament
And lastly for this week, an ornament my grandpa got me several years ago, one of my favorites :)

oooookkkkaaay that is all for this weeks challenge, We are headed to Alabama on Saturday and staying for 10 days, so I can't promise that I will be posting this coming weeks on Sunday but I will try! 

Hope you all are having a blessed December! 
Thank you for visiting my blog and it'd make my day if you left a comment :)!
Love always,


{capturing December} photo-a-day challenge

[Hey] All! 
I am going to start a December photo-a-day challenge, at the end of every well I will post 7 pictures that went with each day. If any of you would like to join me and do this also that would be lots of fun :)
Anywho here is what I will be doing 

Ok thats all for now, you can have something to look forward to on Sunday :).
Have a fantastic day!!
{Love} always,


Random snapshots

 [Hey, hey!]
How are you all doing? I can't believe it is already December, and Christmas is in 25 days!! (quite ecstatic about that :) )....We've already had one snowfall which actually stuck to the ground for a couple days! That was pretty fun...of course I didn't get any pictures, but Alaina my sister did so you can check out her blog! It's crazy that the year is almost over, it seems like it only just began :). 
Anyway this post doesn't really have a "theme" it's just some random pictures of the past 3 months :).  Enjoy! 

First off, we went to the zoo in the middle of October, the last day it was open..

I've always had a thing for frogs, I'm not sure why...maybe because they are all sorts of cool colors of green or just because they are unique, anyway I couldn't resist getting a picture of this fat little fella :).

"Friends are the bacon bits in the boring salad bowl of life" Love this girl so much <3!

Lions...very cool beastly animals :)
Seeing all the gorgeous fall colors while riding the train is pretty [epic]. 
Next....some fall beauties, I love taking pictures of outdoor landscapish type of pictures, so when it rains and there is leaves it is {perfect}.


The orange leaves + blue sky = [perfection]

Next, family pictures....Kate's boyfriend is a photographer and he took our family pictures in a park a couple weeks ago, it was freezing cold, but I think we got some good ones :). 

"The love of a family, is life's greatest blessing". Love them all so very much <3!

Our true character :)

Alaina Josephine a.k.a Ace, AJ, Ace Montana, 

Valerie Hope a.k.a Val, Hopie girl, Cutie, Princess # 9

Me, myself, and I 

Hannah and I 

Alaina and I decided to go find the sun and get pictures with it :)

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do they'll still be there."

Ok well that is it for now, if you looked through all of these and are still here, Thank you :). 
I hope you all have a stupendous week! 

{Love} always,