Hey, look im alive :)

Hello my dear faithful followers, (if your here, reading this after how long its taken me to do a new post, I consider you a very faithful follower...so thank you :) )
So anyway, I think I'll just post some of my highlights of this year so far.....p.s. isnt it absolutely crazy that its already November? The year has flown by in a blur and its pretty sad :). Its been a super grand blur nonetheless and I'm gonna share a little bit with you!

\\\\\First off, our church's annual spring camping trip...It was filled with, friends, sunshine, hiking, basketball, frisbee, volleyball, late nights around the fire, and drinking hot chocolate..it was the grandest of time and I can't wait for next year!

(these girls are so grand and I'm very grateful they are in my life)

(and her,...my bestie, partner in crime, and life long pal, I love her so much!)

\\\\....next, our trip to Chicago to visit my Uncle and Aunt for our cousins graduation party....cooking all day, riding in my uncles pace car, getting amazing cupcakes, having grand family time, chasing sunsets and getting pictures, and helping bbq ribs were a few of the great memories we made!  
Cooking with my Aunt, cousin, and sister Esther

[chasing the sunset with my grand sisters!]

                                                       I love this little person, and she is growing up waaay to fast!

                                                               My uncle's way cool Indy 500 pace car 
                                                                                       Doing what I love best!


\\\ and another highlight, a trip to the same uncle and aunt's lake cabin in July....every year this is like my very favorite week like ever, laying in the sun, tubing, jet skiing, playing games, riding the boat, playing cornhole, getting thrown off the tube, laughing, and generally having a blast!

having a grand time clearly ;)

love this special lady way oh so much! 

This one is super amazing too, my better half and tweedle in life :)

Game time!

/////In August I went to Majesty MusicCollege with a group of kids from our church, it was such a blast while learning so much...lets do it again ok? ;)
not sure where I would be without these special ladies!

Our whole group////I'm so glad several of my dearest friends were able to come! 

Of course we had to get a picture with Patch :)

\\\\\ Going to my grandmas in the upper peninsula of Michigan has always been some of my favorite memories, this year was probably are last time up there because she is selling her house, so it made it even more special! We also got to hang out with some distance cousins I forgot we had which is always a blast :). 

My great grandma Carmen and I

Sparklers fascinate me...

and sunsets....yeah they are my favorite!

We did a greased watermelon relay race in the frigid lake, that was s.o. cold yet s.o. fun :).

Familes.....are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts

////// and, our trip to Alabama....wow oh wow that was such and amazing 8 days...swimming, sunning, cooking, pie making (I made 15 pies in a weeks time and they were all eaten :) ), hanging out with some old and new friends/family, watching movies, eating, laughing, playing games, talking, and generally having so much fun! I'm super grateful we were able to take this trip! 
My traveling companion

cooking, lots and lots of cooking!

my best bud Knox p.s is he not the cutest?!

pies, pies, and more pies!


I tried fishing, it didn't work out so well :)

kayaking also is a new found hobby ;). 

//////last but not least are latest fall church camping trip to the dunes, it is one of my favorite camping spots ever and going with church family is even more fun! I didn't get many pictures on my camera because I had a dead battery and no charger :(, But here is a small glimpse of the trip ;).

hiking the dunes is one of my favorite things to do! 


my neon matching friend...love her! <3

seeing just how grand and amazing God really is, from the lake, to the huge sand dunes, and the amazing sunsets every night....to think He created all of that just makes me in awe!

OK well that is all for now, I'm gonna do a longer post hopefully later this week on my ultimate very favorite trip this year to Hilton Head Island, but that deserves its own post :).
If you stayed through the whole post thus far, Thank you I appreciate you :)!

God has blessed me so very much in giving me all these opportunity's to travel this spring/summer/fall I am so so grateful and was indeed blessed by each and every trip. Traveling makes me so happy and this year, I was definitely happy :D,

Ok well I can't promise you I will be back soon but I will reaaally try to be back later this week with another post!
Have a lovely week friends!

 p.s feel free to leave a comment....I would really like it :)


  1. OHHHHHH I loved this post! wow. I don't know how you keep from getting all your travelings from getting mixed up. You have had a very exciting year, and I was very blessed (and oh so happy) to be able to go on some of those adventures with you. :-) Keep being your wonderful, bright self!
    ~Your Partner in Crime ;-)

  2. Yay! A post!!!! Good for you dear :) Oh yesss! Lets totally do it again next year with Majesty! (did I mention just how much fun that was? ;) )
    Love ya my dear mary friend♥


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