Highlights from Summer 2013

Hey All! 
How are you doing? 
I can't believe it is fall already, summer seems like it went by in a blur, an amazing blur but a blur nonetheless. 
Summer 2013 was quite an epic one, I made so many amazing memories and met some really amazing people so I will try and give you a peek at some of them :).

First off was our trip to Indianapolis for the ATI conference.
This is always a highlight to my year because, you get to hear and learn so much great teaching and also make alot of new friends. I am so grateful that we got to go this year! 

And just a random collage of some of my very best friends <3
Me and my older sister Kelsey went to Chicago for the Majesty Music conference with some girls from our church, I learned so much and had such a hilarious fun weekend with them!  

We took so many crazy pictures that weekend (210 to be exact :) ) so I picked my favorites :P

My Uncle and Aunt have a lake cabin and so the whole family went down there for a long weekend, I got SO sunburnt I looked like a lobster, we had a blast tubing, jet-skiing, boating, laying out :P, having bon-fires, playing games, hanging out together. I love my family <3!
 Some random highlights from the weekend
 Some of my favorite people on earth!

Tubing was a total blast!!

And lastly the legendary trip to Pennsylvania, Kelsey, Alaina, and I went at the end of August to visit some awesome friends, it was an amazing week, seeing Washington D.C was definitely the highlight. We talked and laughed so much it was awesome. I miss you girls so much and can't wait to see you again :)!

Some of the Monuments, it was surreal to see them all in real life.

In the Smithsonian museum of natural history.  

The Arlington, and Gettysburg, cemeteries were so cool, it was really neat to see the tomb of the unknown solider too. It was like my history books coming to life :).   

Having fun with Judah!

My besties <3


Ok that is all for now, I hope you all enjoyed a little sneak peak into my summer, there is alot of "real life" that got missed, but it wasn't all that exciting anyway so its ok :). 
Thank you for visiting my blog, and please leave a comment it could totally make my day :).
In Christ Alone,
Mary Elizabeth 


  1. Yay I made it!! and you said I was one of your favorite people on earth! thanks :) I'll have post a pic of us now on my blog and say something nice haha :)
    p.s. I like the collages :) I definitely think it was worth all the time

  2. Hey! i figured it out:). love the pics and so glad to be on your blog:P. I hope your having a great day!
    ~Your Twin

  3. Love your posts and pictures!! Keep them coming;) I hope you have a very blessed fall!! ~LFS

  4. Looks like fun! ~Adair <3

  5. WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!! BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sge

  6. By the way, thanks for posting the stupid pictures of me. se


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